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Service Terms

This contract is a consumer: consumer profile Please fill in the registration page (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") and gaming platforms: Eskyfun game on the Service provided by Party B (including B's Website and B are now providing services and internet services and games in the future may provide to Party, hereinafter referred to as the "Service") entered into a contract.

If Party to obtain and use the Service shall be deemed Party have read the contents of this contract, agreed to the contents of this contract and agree to abide by the provisions of this contract. To protect the interests of the Party, please use the various services before the company provided registration, read the following conventions.Once registered as a Party Party member, it means that party agrees and is willing to comply with all the following convention;

Note: Party to understand and use the account once registered party, the Party is presumed to have a detailed review and understand all the terms of this Contract, and the willingness to fully comply with the contract documents associated with this game of game management regulations and rules.

Note: Game services application, if the consumer is incapacitated, his legal representative whom shall be; if it is limited capacity, consent shall be obtained legal representative.

Note: Minimum equipment requirements were different games in different games official website publicity minimum requirements shall prevail.

The scope of the contract applicable Article

Party B to provide online gaming services and other related services (hereinafter referred to as the Service), the rights and obligations of both parties on the Service, under this agreement the terms of the contract documents prescribed.

Once understood Party Party press "I agree," the key, it means that the Party has been reviewed in detail and understand all the terms of this Agreement for up to three days or more, and are willing to fully comply with the contract documents related to the game of the administrative rules of the game rules. This, to remind Party: If party is limited capacity (full seven but 20 years of age), the Party must obtain legal representative (such as: parents, guardians) of the permit may only register as a member; ifParty for the incapacitated person (minors under the age of seven), then please by Party legal representative on behalf of the application for registration. Party to agree to the contract documents and other means of representation, are deemed to have been made to allow the legal representative of the behavior of the elements of the law or comply.

The other is to promote the healthy development of children and teenagers physical and mental, and protect their rights and interests related to Party understand this platform game belongs to the lowest level of "protection level" "Game Software Rating Regulations" under the classification criteria, the highest level are "hierarchical management game software "X-rated" way "under the classification criteria. Once the party press "I agree," the button, it means that the Party has been in line with the relevant laws and regulations on the use of the level of service the age requirements.

Party and their legal representatives should review all of the site of the game if there is protection of personal data privacy policy, and then decide whether to agree to put the relevant personal information; the legal representative of the Party and shall continue exhort children and young people can not leak himself or his family any information (including name, address, telephone, e-mail, photos, credit card number, etc.) to anyone, it can not accept a single invitation or gift friends and meet with them.Party as a result of disclosure of the information to themselves or their families, or with other third parties to meet friends or caused any damage caused by any controversy, almost nothing to do with the Party.

Party and their legal representatives should be careful to choose the right site for children and young people to browse. Children under 12 years of age when the Internet, legal representatives should accompany the whole in the next 12 years and older adolescents younger than 20 years of age before the Internet should be discretion whether to grant consent.

Article content contracts

The following considered part of the contracts, and this agreement has the same force and effect:

A, B advertising or promotional content related to the Service.

Second, the rate tables and game management rules and regulations.

The contract in the preceding paragraph conflict with each other, should be advantageous for consumers to interpret.

Definitions Article

The term of this Agreement is defined as follows:

First, the online game: Refers Party Party through the Internet connection via the web server set up, so that the other party was not specific to the game of the software at the same time most people make connections.

Second, the game website: means the Party to provide this service build the website of the game.

Third, the game rules: Refers made by the Party, exclusively for the conduct of the relevant rules of fashion, members of the Code to regulate the game play behavior.

Fourth, the course of the game: This game means a Party A, Party B computer system may have provided an electromagnetic record.

V. Stored Value: Refers to the amount paid or the balance of Party B's.

Six plugin: provided by means of non-Party, enough to affect or alter the operation of online games Party, operation is conducted, for the purpose of the program, including the results of all non-human operation can be reached.

Seven, necessary costs: Party for the performance of this contract means it costs or expenses of the fee paid to a third person.

Eight permanent: Permanent term of this contract involved, the Department is continuing to open the server, the server is shut down when it is in the future is the termination date is, thus excluding permanent applicable.

Article Services

Services provided in this contract, the Department provided by the web server B, let Party or the necessary equipment to use smart phones through Internet connection Sign conduct this game. But does not include the Internet acess party service providers to apply for Internet acess the service, and to provide all the hardware needed to access the device.

Article Register

First, to provide personal registration information

1. When applying for an account B, Party A to Party B is to provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information;

2. All personal information provided by Party B will be used to identify the party and as a basis for other users;

3. If the personal registration information and facts provided by Party inconsistent, or changed without timely updates, or any misleading, leading to B can not provide this service, or to provide further Party, Party B will not bear any responsibility.

Second, modify registration information

Party may at any time, provided through the official website of B or B Member Services announced other ways, to update or revise the information when applying for registration provided by the Party.

Third, the disclosure of personal information

In order to provide this service to Party A, Party B to Party agreed to authorize a manner deemed appropriate to disclose Party registration information to third parties.However, Party B will not disclose the name, address, mailing address, e-mail, account numbers, passwords and other personal information. Unless:

1. Party B disclose such personal information to allow;

2. The laws or administrative regulations require Party B disclose personal information;

3. Based on a judicial or administrative authority with legal procedures require Party B disclose personal information;

4. In case of an emergency to protect other users and the safety of the community, the need to expose the party's profile.

B will take commercially reasonable manner in order to protect the security of personal data Party. B will use technology that was generally available security technologies and procedures to protect personal information Party from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For not maintain its own computer system not because B provides this service was in line with technological or professional standards of safety can reasonably expect, did not take reasonable steps to promptly respond suffered damage computer systems or operational anomalies, game program vulnerabilities, B negligence loss or leakage of personal information caused Party account, B does not bear any responsibility. Because B does not provide this service to maintain its own computer systems or technology that was in line with the professional standards of safety can reasonably expect, did not take reasonable steps to promptly reply to suffer damage or abnormal operation of the computer system, or because the game program vulnerabilities caused by Party When damaged, B should be in accordance with the Party of the damage by the circumstances, be liable for damages. But to prove that no fault Party who was to mitigate their liability.

Article about the account and password

1. herein refers Party successfully registered account and password.

2. Please understand that account can not be changed after registration, and the password can be changed by the service provided by Party B. Party Party for safekeeping account and password, and use all the actions carried out by the account and password bear full responsibility.

3. Do not use the account, password, transfer or lend to others. Party custody because of negligence or any other personal behavior causes Party account or password by others, and therefore any consequences arising from the illegal use, B does not bear any responsibility.

4. Party B shall within thirty days after the contract is terminated, the Party retains the accounts and electromagnetic record. Contract not due to be attributable to the termination of the subject's Party, Party handled after the renewal, the right to continue to use the original account and accompanying electromagnetic record of the account within that period.

5. When the expiration of the period preceding paragraph, the Party has not yet handle renewal, B must delete the account and all the information accompanying the account of, but unless otherwise provided by statute.

6. When either find a third party's illegal to use the account, or the use of safe destruction was abnormal circumstances shall notify the other party immediately. Party B has received notice, or after notice to Party B, Party confirmed by the aforementioned circumstances, Party may suspend permissions of the group account or password, and replaced with a new account or password to Party.

7. After the case under the preceding paragraph, if the currency or virtual goods game loss account during the Party of abnormalities generated virtual, Party Party return receipt request and verify the actual losses, the return of the corresponding virtual Party currency or virtual goods, but can be attributable to the party, unless.

Article electromagnetic treatment records were improperly transferred Time

1. Party found the account, the password is illegal to use, and the game was improperly transferred electromagnetic record, you should immediately notify the Party to verify, through B to examine whether the IP address for the owner of unused addresses ways to check to confirm Party B have to temporarily restrict the use of online game-related human rights on the use of the Service.

2. Party B shall temporarily restrict the right to use the date of the game, immediately notify the third person to hold the electromagnetic records described in the preceding paragraph made in writing or by e-mail. If the third party is not made within seven days upon receipt of notification Description B should reply directly to Party was improper transfer of electromagnetic records, other equivalent means can be taken to compensate the parties agree that it can not reply, and in reply after the lifting of Use online game related person limit; but B has provided free safety devices (such as anti-theft card, phone lock, etc.) and not the user Party, Party was a direct reply to Party was improper transfer of electromagnetic record.

3. The third person holds the record of the first electromagnetic preceding paragraph does not consent to the processing Party B may, based on reporting procedures, through judicial means treatment.

4. Party A Party restrict the use of the right in accordance with the first paragraph, within the limits of the use of the period, Party B shall not be charged.

5. Party if disclosure of untrue or other circumstances cause birth Party online game usage rights when damaged, bear all legal responsibilities.

Article 8 Party

1. Party may use the Service in accordance with this agreement, and other rules updated from time to time and published Party.

2. Party reserves the right to make use of this service to the Party and the Service during the relevant comments, suggestions and complaints, B should reply to the results of treatment of 15 days after the receipt of the complaint, and 24-hour service should be marked on the game site and appeal of a dedicated line or e-mail address.

3. If you do not agree to the terms of this contract, or the terms of B and later updated objections, or dissatisfied with the Service, Party can choose to stop using the service. If you choose to stop using the Service Party, Party B that is no longer any obligation and responsibility of the owner.

4. Party must, within 7 days after the start of the game, by email or in writing inform Party to terminate this contract, Party without justification and pay anything, and may not use it to refill request to Party refund.

5. Party shall keep records of individual basic course of the game Party (including refill records, login / logout IP, login / logout time, items get / consumption records, the medal acquisition / consumption records, game schedule recording, transaction records) to Party for inquiries, save for the 40 day period. Party A to Party B by written or internet service center to apply for access to personal gaming history, and the need to raise the personal information consistent with the identity of the documents for inspection, inquiry cost per eight homes for NT $ million, by the Party burden . Check the application received by Party B, Party A shall provide the individual listed in the preceding course of the game, and seven days to CD or floppy disk and other storage media or in writing, by e-mail to provide information.

Party's obligations under article 9

1. Party B agrees to accept from time to time in accordance with the release, change and modify the terms of this agreement and other rules and use the service, the Party shall not, by improper means or other unfair means to use this service or participate in Party activities.

2. Party B shall not interfere with the normal to provide this service, including but not limited to:

(1) attack, invade B's web server or web server allows overload;

(2) crack, modify the client program provided by Party B;

(3) attack, invade B game server or game server-side program or make the game server overload;

(4) the production, use, publish, transmit any form of prejudice to the fairness of the game aids or programs (plug-in);

(5) the use of program bugs and errors (Bug) disrupt the normal conduct of the game or the spread of the vulnerability or error (Bug);

(6) interfere with or obstruct others from using the Service.

(7) the illegal collection of personal data of others.

(8) Other Practices Act does not meet the specifications of.

3. The Party must protect your account and password, and due to the Party's cause leaks account number and password are the consequences borne by the party.

4. Party only to a single individual's identity using this service, the Party can not take advantage of this service commercial purposes activities, but also can not use the Service for the purpose of sale or other commercial activities.

5. Party will be responsible for their own account in all activities and events. Party shall comply with the relevant laws, regulations and generally applicable ethics and etiquette of the Internet in general specifications for Internet messages posted.

6. Party game account, game characters, as well as products related forums Party nickname of this Agreement shall not contain twenty-two item 2, paragraph 5, which prohibits the publication of content.

Article X of Privacy

1. If the legal representative (such as parents, guardians) hope minors (over seven years, but 20 years of age) to use the Service, you must obtain the legal representative of the permit may only apply for registration; if the party is incapacitated the ability of people (minors under the age of seven), then please by Party legal representative on behalf of the application for registration. In an interview with this service, should be judged by the legal representative status of the service is suitable for minors. B to ensure that the user is not publicly available or provided registration information and users use the network services are stored in the non-disclosure to third parties, except in the following circumstances:

(1) obtain prior express authorization of the user;

(2) in accordance with relevant laws and regulatory requirements;

(3) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments;

(4) to safeguard the public interest;

2. Party may cooperate with third parties to provide relevant services to Internet users, in this case, if the third party agrees to assume responsibility and B equal protection of user privacy, the Party may provide to the user's registration information, etc. The third party. (Note: do not currently exist that third party, if the third party in line with the agreed section, B will open the third-party information to the user according to the actual situation)

3. In the privacy of individual users not to disclose information under the premise of the right to the entire user database of technical analysis and has been analyzed, the user database for commercial use after finishing on. Although the user's privacy to do a great deal of effort, but B still can not guarantee the safety of existing technical measures to make technical information such as the user from any form of loss.

Article XI Disclaimer

1. B does not guarantee the following matters:

(1) The service will meet the requirements of the Party.

(2) the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error.

(3) a third person or the right to intervene in an illegal manner by the Party of the infringement, but the Party by Party advised this had occurred, B will assist the Party to exclude or to help identify the source of infringement.

2. Party expressly agree that use of the risks that exist network services will be entirely borne by myself; all the consequences arising from the use of web services to be borne by themselves, because in addition to system B device error occurs, the screen to postpone, delay, interruption or did not maintain its own computer system can not be wired Party caused not provide services, or to provide this service was in line with technological or professional standards of safety can reasonably expect, did not take reasonable steps to promptly respond suffered damage computer systems or operational exceptions, loopholes in the game program, by Party does not assume any other liabilities.

Article XII of service changes, interruption or termination

1. B of the system equipment required by the system because of a pre-planned maintenance shutdown, should announcement a few days ago in seven games sites, and notification when logging in Party and publish information on the game in progress downtime.

2. B has the right to post or e-mail notification in writing, suspend provide network services under this Agreement to the Party.

3. In addition to the circumstances described in the preceding paragraph, the Party while retaining public announcement and e-mail, etc. to inform the Party of the case right to suspend or terminate some or all of the network services.

4. Party agrees that if in the first month after registration permit or within six months in a row, did not use the pass (including the use of this pass login to the game, sign in, stored value), the permit will not be retained by the system.

Article XIII electromagnetic records

All of the games are electromagnetic records all Party, Party B and shall maintain complete records of the relevant electromagnetic. Party for electromagnetic record in the preceding paragraph has the right to dominate it.

Stipulated in Article XIV online game virtual items

Game in a variety of virtual goods is not limited to gold, silver, props, equipment, etc., all of which is owned by B. Party only has the right to use virtual goods in line with the case law and the rules of the game. Party had agreed to use to purchase the right to use the virtual prepaid items, request a refund for any reason.

Party shall conduct themselves with other players line transactions, game currency, props, equipment and other virtual goods within the game are not allowed under the wire transactions. If the players to the line trading any problems or disputes, regardless of the Party, the player will be responsible for themselves.

Article XV cancellation role

In the following cases, cancellation of Party B can create roles and delete all records of the role:

1. Party registered game character does not meet the requirements of certain games, and games available in the case of zero-point or game time, continuous thirty days had not passed the role login Party game in this role is associated with the game partition.

2. Party A self delete roles, starting from the date does not recover deleted within thirty days.

3. With regard to the specific provisions of the different products offered by B logout role in specific conditions, to the specific provisions of each product, or to provide this service on the official website of the relevant subject.

Article XVI service interruption, stop and change the description

When one of the following situations occur, the Party the right to interrupt, stop or change service provided by Party B,

1. Party suspended regular inspection of the system or construction equipment, hardware and software updates, etc., can advance on the 7th announcement to the players at the game site, and notice when logging in to the Party, issued a message to stop the game in progress.

2. Server subjected to any form of damage, can not function properly.

3. blocks of situations such as network lines or other action causes the player to connect to the server via the Internet occurred Party.

4. natural disasters and other factors force majeure.

5. Under the emergency situation to safeguard the safety of other members and third time.

6. The occurrence of sudden hardware and software equipment and electronic communications equipment failure.

For the above-mentioned point 2 to point 6 of the reasons for errors caused by system equipment, the game screen to postpone, delay, interruption or cables, and so the game can not be the case and Party losses virtual currency or virtual props, Party A to Party B make the return request, B will return the corresponding virtual currency or virtual items based on actual losses Party.

Article XVII change personal data transfer and the way the game

Party Party will endeavor to continue to provide this service, but B does not exclude the possibility to provide this service to stop, do not rule out any possibility of changing the way the game. If B is stopped or changed to provide this service, B will advance in the game-related announcement page or email notification Party, and try to find the appropriate service provider or way to replace B continue to provide this service. In this case, Party B might personal information (including information related to the account and password and personal information) is transferred to a party that continues to provide services, it may be necessary to permanently seal the original data to introduce a new way to play .

Should Party B does not agree with the above arrangement, the message should be changed within 15 days after the announcement, in a written objection, then within 30 days after this service is stopped, after deducting the necessary costs B in cash, credit card, money order or by check sent by registered Party did not refund the cost of the use of stored-value or games.

Article XVIII tariff policy

B is entitled to determine and pay the standard tariff of the present service provided by Party B, Party B may serve different rates for different criteria and charging methods, but also for different rates at different stages of B standards and in accordance with the Service provided by charging methods. In addition, Party B may not modify tariff policy from time to time. B should be charged as well as information relating to the Service and the Service charges related standards, charging method, buying patterns or other information relating to the tariff policy is placed in a prominent position of the service-related pages. When such tariff adjustment, B will be scheduled to take effect on the 30th day adjustment on the relevant pages of the service bulletin.

Party fee for this service, the Party should purchase the service in accordance with the tariff policy of B determined. If the tariff policy determined by Party B fails to purchase the service, B can be stopped immediately provide this service to the Party.

Article XIX Information disclosure

B should be available in this game-related information on the game site, and regularly updated.

Diershitiao updated version of the game, said changes

To increase and enrich the content of the game will change from time to time to update and adjust all functions within the game play at runtime. After the game updates, Party agrees to operate all the in-game content, the game is set in the actual update will prevail.

Article XXI Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability

For this service, B is only for the following limited warranty, this limited warranty supersedes any document, packaging, or other materials of any other express or implied warranties (if any). B only "existing condition and contains all errors" in the form of related products, software or program and any support services, and only guarantee:

(1) The services provided by Party B can basically meet the requirements of a formal announcement;

(2) B of the services provided by the relevant basic and Party officially announced the pledge is consistent;

Party try to resolve any issues in the process of providing this service within reasonable limits encountered Party allows only commercially. Within the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, expressly Party does not provide any other type of guarantee, either express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, suitability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, non-viral any implied warranties with error and responsibility. Additionally, within the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, B does not guarantee this service provided by the Party will be able to meet expectations.

Within the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, on account of Party B does not lead to the use of the Service, or any unexpected in any way related to the service, non-direct, very state of nature, or consequential damages or request ( including but not limited to, due to personal injury, due to privacy leaks, failing to fulfill any liability, including integrity or reasonable care, negligence and damages due to the loss of any other pecuniary or other non-pecuniary loss caused by) undertake any responsibility.

Twenty-two game management

1. Information Transfer: in the event of the company when the game server consolidation scenarios, the Company has the right to file a user's role be transferred to other game server company.

2. In order to standardize the way the game of B should make a fair and equitable rules of the game, the Party shall comply with the rules governing the game Party announcement. Change the game rules shall be in accordance with Article 30 of whom agreed.

3. The game rules have the following circumstances, its provisions are invalid:

(1) Online Games contradict standard contract provisions shall be documented and recorded matters.

(2) deprivation or restriction on the Party's contractual rights. But B according to the following items 4 point 7 of violation shall be subject to the Code of the Party of service users for processing, unless.

4. Party shall comply with the Code of service users

(1) non-modified, reverse translation or any impact the game program and game data transmission packet network behavior;

(2) Do not use any method of server malicious intrusions, attacks, or any act designed to undermine the normal operation of network services;

(3) prohibits the use of games and third-party plug-ins were Bug earn money, copying equipment, rapid accumulation of experience and the fairness of the game and other damage caused by the behavior of the server burden;

(4) prohibits the presence of any publicly or privately spread and use of game Bug, please respond immediately to Party when it finds such problems;

(5) bans the use of personal attacks, obscene, abusive, reactionary, and other hazards of the game image, with the GM role names deliberately similar to disrupt normal service order and in violation of the good atmosphere of the role name;

(6) prohibit the use of public channel malicious scraper, or to make any impact on the behavior of the normal order of the game;

(7) any breach of these terms and conditions violations, GM is entitled to according to the seriousness of a warning for offenders forced offline, confinement, rename, delete characters or freeze accounts punishment, the circumstances are especially serious, they will be further legal liability, all damages or losses resulting from violations, borne by the Party itself;

(8) Except as otherwise provided in this contract, the fact that there is evidence Party violates the rules of game management in this game, should be carried out in the notice in the B game site or game, and online chat or by e-mail notifications armor party. After Party improvement without notice improvements by the Party may, based on the rules governing the game, according to the seriousness of the Party of the game limit the right to use;

(9) B game according to the rules governing the right to stop the party games, each no more than seven days;

(10) In addition to constituting the first 25 reasons for terminating the contract, the Party in accordance with rules of the game by Party Dispositions Party under this contract shall not affect the rights of entitlement.

5.GM identity Description

(1) GM That Game Master, referring to the maintenance and management of the virtual game world order online game administrator;

(2) GM will not interfere with the normal order of the game, the player will not in any way ask for personal information and password, and are not responsible for resolving private disputes between the Raiders and other game players problems;

(3) Please respect the game, understand and work with the GM, if you have any comments, please mail to the customer service center via a dedicated complaints and reports;

6. Virtual Item Description

(1) shall not carry out any transaction Party B has not been certified entity money or cards and other items with the account number, the virtual currency and virtual items between the Party and the loss of any dispute arising therefrom shall not be responsible;

(2) Please be vigilant to guard against cheating in this game, due to personal factors caused Party accounts, virtual goods and cards cheated or any other loss, Party B to follow the situation to provide support and assistance, but does not guarantee its support and help to reach the Party's expectations, nor liable for loss or recovery of deception;

(3) In addition to large-scale server disconnection, the role of local network problems due to their own reasons, personal operating problems caused by deletion or back, as well as the loss of virtual items and money, B irresponsible;

7. Battle on the game between the player and the player's

(1) The game is set in the world within the virtual area will be part of the mandatory user Battle between players. Acceptance of this agreement that is subject to mandatory pre-war game set, please choose carefully Party.

8. Vulnerability game rules

(1) Party games encourage players to return the problems and vulnerabilities, a proven Party will likely get a reward (bonus content depending on the seriousness of the problem and fixed return, B has the final say) all take advantage of loopholes for illegal game plan Lee or malicious behavior will be strictly prohibited, once discovered, B can be stopped immediately provide this service to the Party.

For the major issue that could cause a serious impact game balance, the official right to amend, back or stop server operations.

(2) B should bear in accordance with the provisions of the contract to provide this service, maintains its own computer system, in line with technology that was or could reasonably expect professionalism of security.

(3) computer system or electromagnetic record is damaged, or abnormal operation of computer systems, Party B shall take reasonable steps to give a reply as soon as possible after.

(4) violation of the provisions of the former Party two, the damage caused by raw Party, should be in accordance with the Party of the damage by the circumstances, be liable for damages, but B can prove no fault who have to mitigate their liability.

(5) B computer system called the third case occurred when the repair is completed and prior to the normal operation of Party B shall not be charged.

(6) because the game program vulnerabilities caused by damage to the Party, the Party shall be in accordance with the Party of the damage by the circumstances, be liable for damages. But to prove that no fault Party who was to mitigate their liability.

Article 23 The failure to bear

B should bear in accordance with the provisions of the contract to provide this service, maintains its own computer systems or technology that was in line with the professional standards of safety can reasonably expect.

Computer systems or electromagnetic record is damaged, or give a reply as soon as possible after the computer system when abnormal operation, Party B shall take reasonable measures.

Party violates the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs, the damage caused by raw Party, should be in accordance with the Party of the damage by the circumstances, be liable for damages, but B can prove no fault who have to mitigate their liability.

B computer system called the second situation occurs when, prior to the completion of the repair and the proper functioning of Party B shall not be charged

Program due to loopholes in the game when the damaged caused by Party B shall be in accordance with the Party of the damage by the circumstances, be liable for damages. But to prove that no fault Party who was to mitigate their liability.

Party but any result caused by improper operation of its individual, shall bear its responsibility, requesting Party shall not grant any form of compensation or compensation.

Article 24 Damages

If Party A breach of this contract or related laws, resulting in B's parent company, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, affiliated companies, servants, agents and all other auxiliary personnel perform therefore compromised Party shall pay damages and costs liable for the aforementioned compensation and expense but does not include attorney's fees incurred by the Party.

Article 25 The company has the right to terminate

Employer may terminate this contract at any time notify the Party.

When the contract is terminated, after deducting the necessary costs Party shall within thirty days in order to cash, credit card, money order or by check sent by registered refund of unused prepaid Party or game fee.

Party should indeed comply with the provisions of this Agreement and the relevant laws and orders, one party has the following important event, Party B shall notify Party in writing or by e-mail after was immediately terminate this contract, or suspend, terminate or delete Party Account Party accounts and all related information, files and any records, as well as cancel, stop, limit Party membership:

First, the use of any system or tools of computer systems against malicious attacks Party or destroyed.

Second, the use of plug-ins, virus programs, games, or other violations of program vulnerabilities are fair and reasonable way for the game.

Third, seized by the judiciary to engage in any unlawful behavior.

Fourth, the behavior of other significant harm B or the rights or interests of other players.

Party of the facts identified in the preceding paragraph when an error or can not prove, Party A Party B shall be liable for damages.

In order to provide this service to Party A, Party B because of a pre-planned non-service-related needs of the web server or game server or Party provided the relevant official website for maintenance, the maintenance may cause interruption of service, and the interrupt B may not be notified in advance.

For invaded by another Party's network or game system, tampering, altered or forged or altered websites and game information or data caused by this service is stopped or interrupted, except Party fails to take reasonable measures to reply, but does not assume any responsibility.

Article 26 on advertising

May be published in commercial advertising or other promotional activities on the Party's advertising online game software. These Department of advertisers or service providers of goods, if B Ke Deer knowingly or advertising content inconsistent with the facts known to insist published release, and the Party has proved reliance by the advertisement and specific damages, B is willing to negative joint and several liability for damages.

Article 27 links to third-party sites
Party may link to third-party sites in the course of using the Service. Any changes or updates to third-party sites help Party control, and Party nor the content of any third party sites, any links contained in third-party sites, or third party site.

Article 28 refund and chargeback policy
In the event of request of refund by Party A, Party B reserves the right, at its sole discretion to determine and issue refunds or credits to Party A.
(i) High Level Account
High Level Account completely transferred/sold to the third party by Party A is not applicable to refund.  
(ii) In-Game Currency
Partial refund (under Party B’s sole discretion) may be applicable to undelivered In-Game Currency. But In-Game Currency under completed transaction are not applicable to refund.
(iii) In-Game Items
Partial refund  (under Party B’s sole discretion) maybe applicable to undelivered In-Game Items. But In-Game Currency under completed transaction are not applicable to refund.
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